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l2jserver - gracia Epilogue -rev 7524

2010-06-28, 3:00 PM

Разработчик: L2jServer
Размер: 19.73 Мб
Хроники: Gracia Epilogue
Платформа: Java
Описание: Lineage 2 Server Gracia Epilogue

Фиксы:SQL: Updating spawnlist in Clan Hall Sieges (for future usage), also …
SQL/XML: Divine transformations can be used on olympiad, fix spawnlist
SQL: Missing skills for "Greater/Quick Healing Potion (Event)", …
JAVA: Little tweak to avoid duplicated names
Epic quest transformation update
Missing NPC spawns
SQL: Missing Prices in "Forgotten Scrolls", thanks janiii.
XML: Some Minor Skill Fixes from forums, thanks L2Xpectral & …
Skill Angelic icon\spirit of shilen and Boost Morale
JAVA: fix for not working check for steal transformations
missing html page data/html/fortress/36034-t2.htm
Expulsion of Evil Spirits update
Eclipse Classic 3.6 (diff)
SQL: Fix for [4096], thanks _DS_
no quest 129
die in elf ruin
HTM/JAVA: Red Sky Timed (now in admin panel you can do red sky at …
Rocket Gun Hat item.
SQL: Table update due to data truncation.
JAVA: DCM fix. Problem with timing can block whole instance if you kill …
missing crasader armor rare item
SQL/HTM: teleport for Shanty Fortress, typo in droplist
XML: Skills Fixes.
duplicate: #L4395
RB Cancel
JAVA: Some fixes, thanks JiV
JiV: invalid
JAVA: Missing setState()
SQL: Fix spawns in Wall of Agros and Shrine of Loyality
JAVA: Support for GIVE_VITALITY with effect, need for [7485]
JiV: temporary solution to avoid topics about it
XML: Notes in some skills, to avoid future mistakes.
XML/SQL: Landing zone in Seed of Destruction
XML: Removing invalid code. Warrior Haste is applied also to Bow/Crossbow. …
HTML: Little fix, thanks nik for reporting
DP for [L4287]
XML: Mirage Skill in other way.
XML: increase power for 80 lvl mage skills
Gnacik: Fix for action window during transformed.
Core support [D7527].
Decrease log message count about private store failures.
Pattern not match :P
Change default value for caching char names - enabled.
Fix at …
Skills riding wyvern
remove sync on AggroList?.
c'mmon its not fun enable it for every player online ;)
Feature by demand: configurable boat broadcast radius.

19.73 Мб

Категория: Сервера | Добавил: T1ho | Теги: Скачать ява сервер lineage2 от кома
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